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UHMWPE temperature range control under production

In general, the uhmwpe temperature range control during the molding of the polyethylene sheet has a great influence on the product quality, and special attention needs to be paid to controlling the temperature in the middle of the mold slightly lower than the temperature at both ends. 

To have uniform and stable temperature conditions to assist, the distance between the die lip should be equal to or slightly less than the thickness of the sheet. The uniform and stable temperature ensures that the flow rate of the extruded melt volume is stable and equal pressure, so that the longitudinal thickness error value of the liner is minimum.

The uhmwpe temperature range controll to stabilize the temperature too high or low will affect the flow rate of the melt, so that the thickness of the formed sheet will produce a larger error. At higher temperatures, the molten material is easily decomposed and there are bubbles in the liner; when the temperature is low, the surface of the liner is dark and not smooth.

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