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UHMWPE sheet price analysis from manufacturer

From the invention of UHMWPE sheet ,it’s always a product attracting extensive attention .Many clients consider the price higher than other similar products such as HDPE or common polyethylene ,but the ultra strong performance well worth his value .

Now we can make a simple analysis for UHMWPE sheet price :

1. The raw material is 100% pure UHMWPE powder ,made by Ticona USA ,but HDPE or common polyethylene sheet just use recyclable polyethylene material such as used plastic bags .So the raw material cost is much higher than HDPE or common polyethylene sheet .

2. The manufacturer method is molding press which need ultra high press force and stable temperature .We adopt 16800mt press system and computer controlled temperature system ,high automation means high quality product but with higher cost.

3. The cutting machine for UHMWPE sheet must be special model ,because UHMWPE sheet is much stronger than HDPE or common polyethylene sheet ,normal machines which can process these sheets cant process UHMWPE sheet.

In conclusion ,the price of UHMWPE sheet is higher than HDPE or common polyethylene sheet ,but it worth .

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