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UHMWPE board competitive price

UHMWPE board is ultra wear resistant engineering plastic ,different from common PE or high density PE ,because it has ultra high molecular weight until 10 millions .So if comparing with PE or high density PE ,it hasn’t any competitive advantage ,because the manufacturing cost for PE or high density PE is very low than it .

But the UHMWPE board is made to replace steel or rubber material in certain case ,the wear resistance or the impact resistance is better than steel or rubber and difficult to aging .So if comparing with steel or rubber ,the UHMWPE board price is very competitive .

Sure in supplying market ,we can always find the cheap price ,some offers can show the price even lower than PE or high density PE .There is only one cause can explain it ,it’s the supplier using recycled PE to pretend to be UHMWPE board ,so the risk will be in client’s part .

uhmwpe board

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