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UHMW Polyethylene Discriminating Method

The quality of ultra-abrasive ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet can be identified by four methods. Hopefully through our explanation, everyone will not be too confused during the purchase process. Let's take a closer look, as follows:

Method 1. Weighing rule: The proportion of genuine ultra-high-polymer polyethylene products is between 0.93 and 0.95, and the density is small and can float on the water surface. If it is not a pure polyethylene material, it will sink to the bottom.

Method 2. Temperature measurement: Pure ultra high molecular weight polyethylene products will not melt at 200 degrees Celsius, will not be deformed, but will become soft. If it is not pure polyethylene material will be deformed at 200 degrees Celsius.

Method 3. Visual method: The true ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene surface is smooth, uniform, smooth, glossy, and has a very even cut surface density. If it is not a pure polyethylene material, the color is dull and the density is not uniform.

Method 4. Edge test method: pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene flanging end rounded, uniform, smooth, if it is not a genuine polyethylene material, the edge of the flanging cracks, and when heated after flanging there will be dregs phenomenon.

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