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UHMW plates auto lubricating ability

UHMW plates friction factor is 0.05~0.11 ,the auto lubricating ability is exceptional .If comparison with all other plastics ,the friction factor in water condition is the best almost a half of nylon 66 ,the friction factor without water is also the best except of teflon .When it works in sliding or turning ,it has better auto lubricating ability than steel with lubricating oil .

Although it has the best auto lubricating ability ,the price is not as high as his ability .Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd devote all efforts to UHMW plates manufacturing ,the lower cost with high quality is our striving direction .As one of well known UHMW plates manufacturer ,Dingyuan has the most complete size lines ,the products were used in USA ,Europe and Southeast Asia ,enjoined the great popularity .

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