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UHMW PE sheets UV resistance

Since the appearance of UHMW PE plastic ,it has been widely applied for many domain .Among numerous advantage of UHMW PE ,UV resistance is not an eye-catching one but it’s also an important one .UHMW PE products especially UHMW PE sheet is opaque ,normally has dark color .Ultra long molecular chain gives it capability to resist ultraviolet ray ,UV can’t pentrate across so many long molecular chains .For the aim to further improve its UV resistant capability ,we can add a proportional UV resistant carbon black .The carbon black will not only improve its UV resistance ,but also prolong its aging speed .

UHMW PE sheets UV resistance depends on its material’s specification ,sheet’s thickness and manufacturing technique .Our raw material is all virgin UHMW PE resin ,high UV resistant grande carbon black ,the thickness of UHMW PE sheets from 6mm to 300mm ,thicker sheet has better UV resistance ,the manufacturing is ultra high cold compression technique ,the compression force is the highest through this industry .All these points above ensure our UHMW PE sheets have the best UV resistance .

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