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UHMW PE products has outstanding wear resistance

Since the discovery of numerous characters of UHMW PE products ,there are several decades .The history of application for UHMW PE products is not long ,only a dozen years .We can say many splendid advantage of this products have not been found ,they are waiting our effort to apply .

Among a great number of excellent advantage of UHMW PE products ,wear resistance is more valuable .As all people known ,the reason why many metal parts can be replaced by plastic is plastic’s good wear resistance .Many plastic won’t be affected by temperature ,humidity or other environmental condition ,it won’t never rust ,these characters make it can always keep good wear resistance .UHMW PE has the best wear resistance among all known plastics .From the lab’s test data ,the wear resistance coefficient can reach 1.3mg ,many people called it amazing plastic .Nowadays more and more metal parts will be replaced by UHMW PE products ,whatever how difficult is the shape of this part ,our CNC machine can well process it with ease .

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