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UHMW PE elongation at break

As all users known ,UHMW PE is a tough and hard material ,it can be used as crane support mat or temporary road mat which has well shown this character .But it's also a flexible material ,anyhow it belongs to PE ,so it has also general characters of PE .Flexibility is one of general characters of PE ,UHMW PE has certain flexible ability .The elongation at break value is one of flexilible ability index ,UHMW PE material has the value of 100-300% ,it can be transformed by outside force then recovers to original shape ,unless it suffers very strong power then be broken ,its elongation at break won't be beyond of 300% .Such outstanding character gives it many applications ,for example as marine fender cover pad ,when impacting by boats ,huge impact force will make it transformed but it can well protect the shore's construction .


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