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UHMW panels application

UHMW panel is a standard uhmw part ,it has different size ,different thickness and different material’s type .Its application is wider than other UHMW parts ,here we’ll introduce some applications for it .

1. Wear resistant liner for silo or hopper:

There are many liner’s plastic material ,but the most wear resistant one is UHMW panel .By tests data ,UHMW panels have the highest wear resistance ,only a little lower than steel .But the steel liner is easy to rust ,the lifetime must be very short ,and it’s so heavy to move .UHMW panel is an ideal material ,it’s non toxic ,hasn’t chemical reaction with goods inside .Now UHMW panel becomes the most common used material for liners .

2. Boat bumper

The boat often connect dock to load or unload goods or people ,it’s unavoidable to have shock and impact by dock’s wall .If we don’t install a boat bumper ,it’s easy to be damaged ,and the people in boat will bear strong shock ,it becomes dangerous to take boat .Previously the user of boat add some foamed plastic to be boat bumper ,the effect is good ,but the foamed plastic is not durable ,so after several times of shock ,such boat bumper will be damaged ,not useful any more .Since the application of UHMW panels for boat bumper ,it becomes the most suitable type ,the effect and the lifetime is the longest than all other types .

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