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Three forms of roller grinding fixture

1, top: headstock, tailstock clamped directly driven rubber rollers run into convex and concave top-top, grinding and use benchmarks is inconsistent. Convex top cannot be grinding coarse, of spinning top roller and grinding rollers and comb only cots. Concave top clamping accuracy is poor, to suffer the effects of front spindle runout. 2, Centre-Rotary: roller roller bearing Center, the rotation of the rollers driven by drive roller, drive roller roller there is a pneumatic pressure grinding process Datum using Datum are exactly the same. Because it is a pneumatic pressure, grinding process ensures that the pressure does not change, change will not be affected by changes in ground. 3, no centre: drive roller drive rollers run, using spring pressure on the rollers, pressure of 300N, grinding and use benchmarks is inconsistent. Because it is spring loaded, in the case of grinding changes due to the displacement of the spring (size change after grinding) and change the magnitude of the spring force, then the pressure on the rollers is also changing, nor based on COTS software to adjust the size of the pressure. Low hardness top roller grinding pressure is too big, negative effect on cot roundness.

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