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Talking about UHMW-PE Processing Technology

In recent years, UHMWPE's processing technology has also made a major breakthrough, from the initial sintering press molding to the development of special equipment extrusion molding, the application area is also expanding. However, in the course of research, UHMWPE has found some excellent properties that many other engineering plastics cannot achieve, but it also has some obvious disadvantages, such as its extremely low melting index (close to zero) and high melting point (190-210°C). , high viscosity, poor fluidity and extremely difficult to shape, in addition to other engineering plastics, compared with low surface hardness, low heat distortion temperature, poor bending strength and creep properties, poor wear resistance, low strength and other shortcomings , Affecting its use effect and application range.

In order to overcome these shortcomings of UHMWPE, to make up for these deficiencies and make them available in some places with higher requirements, the current general method is to modify them. The commonly used modification methods are physical modification and chemical modification. , polymer filled modification, UHMWPE enhanced change wins and so on. The modification date is to improve the melt flowability of the UHMWPE without affecting the main performance of the UHMWPE, or to perform complex modification on the defects of UHMWPE's own properties, such as improved melt flow, heat resistance, antistatic property, and resistance. The flammability and surface hardness allow it to be molded on special equipment or general equipment.


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