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Properties and uses of silicone rubber roller

Silicone rubber roller with alloy or high hardness material as a central axis, using silicone glue roller surface, add a fixed-ratio additive, mixing at a high temperature and special rubber roller. Mainly used for processing thermally bonded products. Depending on the hardness glue, add different mixing proportion can be derived from a variety of special-purpose rubber rollers. Performance: high temperature, ozone, chemically inert and not adhesion to plastic, thermal conductivity can be achieved quickly, wear resistant, acid resistant. Uses: mainly used in bronzing silicone roller, copier rollers, thermal transfer printing rollers, high temperature hot plate, hot rollers, thermal conductivity, very high temperature resistance of silicone products. Particularly suitable for color products, suitable for moulding. Silicone rubber roller made of silicone rubber material, the length of the product is 30-406mm in diameter in the 20-30mm range, with bearings at both ends, grip rubber handle, comfortable roller rotates freely, with the sticky paper recycling, can guarantee the self-adhesive rubber wheel standing.

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