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Printing roller lubrication and adjustment skills

First, debugging: rollers and roller and pressure between the plates according to the rubber elasticity, hardness and its role in adjusting during the printing process, General O.15~O.20mm feeler gauges (feeler gauges to lubricate, so as not to damage the rubber surface) testing roller radial contact pressures must be uniform. Or running for a long time will create pressure on the large rubber roller on the end of Ma, glue, crack, glue and other phenomena. Second, lubrication: rubber rollers, bearing should always be effective lubrication. Poor lubrication can cause rubber roller head, bearing wear, gap increases, as well as causing uneven printing ink. Also COTS beats and sliding caused by malnutrition such as printing staves. Such as long hours of continuous operation without efficient lubrication, also will cause the bearings and shaft heat, caused two rubber rollers rubber surface thermal expansion and wear, to make two glue surfaces have a Matt surface, glue, cracking.

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