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Our plastic screen sheet equipment

The plastic screen sheet is the most difficult part to make ,the screen sheet’s surface is full of holes to separate different size of mixture ,the processing difficulty is very high .Traditional way is to drill and polish every hole ,it waste many time to deal each hole ,the work is very hard ,and the production efficiency is low .The final product has very low precision ,for example ,the biggest hole can be double larger than the smallest one ,so the filter effect can’t be accepted .

The invention of CNC router has solved the problem ,because it has computer controlled system ,the operation is intelligentialized ,it needn’t anyone to operate the router’s head to adjust the location ,so the working precision is very high .With such advanced equipment ,our plastic screen sheet has very high precision ,uniform shape ,the precision can be limited to 0.1mm. For plastic screen sheet ,the most important property is the working lifetime .If the product hasn’t a good quality ,we have to do maintenance for every using .All our plastic screen sheets are made by UHMW polyethylene ,the series products were called as UHMW screen sheet .

Why we chose UHMW polyethylene as our screen sheet’s material ,because it has outstanding performance ,many index much higher than other engineering plastics .Now UHMW screen plate is one of our main products ,various size and thickness is available .

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