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Manufacturing of plastic screen plate

Plastic screen is the main part of a filter press ,the weight is about three-fourths of an whole filter press ,it’s also the core part of filter press ,the filter effect depend on the quality of plastic screen plate .How to make a high quality plastic screen is a hard problem for manufacturer ?Except of high quality virgin UHMW material resin ,the manufacturing method is also important ,now we make a brief introduction for our manufacturing technology .

Firstly we need high quality UHMW plastic plate ,our plate is made by compression moulding technology ,it’s suitable for making medium and thick UHMW plastic plate ,its smallest thickness is 5mm .For the plate less than 5mm ,we have to change another manufacturing way .The UHMW plastic plate made by compression moulding method has better performance ,but the cost is a little higher .We adopt advanced equipment ,the working pressure can reach 16800MT which is the highest pressure in this domain .

Then we put the original UHMW plastic plate on CNC router ,this machine is the cutting and polishing unit .The machine is controlled by PC ,once the user input drawing file to its software ,the PC will work automatically .As all people known ,the machine’s precision is higher than human ,its efficiency can be guaranteed ,so we adopt CNC machine to deal this process .

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