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Making colored UHMW sheet

UHMW PE is one type of engineering plastics which is hard to process ,the frequently used way is compression molding .As we known ,the orginal color of UHMW sheet is white ,because the UHMW PE material is white particle ,we adopt cold compression technique ,so even after the compression ,the UHMW sheet will keep the orginal color of material ,it’s still white .

Thus in order to make colored UHMW sheet ,we must add coluring matter before making .In process of preparing material ,we should measure a certain dose of coluring matter ,than put them together with orginal UHMW PE material .The equipment for mixing coluring matter and UHMW-PE material is a high-speed centrifuge mixer ,it has not only very high speed to mix material and coluring matter ,but also vibration function .The coluring matter is special type which can bear ultra high compression and won’t change color even with hot temperature .It’s very thin particle ,during the compression ,every thin particle will disperse uniformly among full of UHMW-PE particles .


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