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Machining UHMW polyethylene parts

We can roughly classify two sorts of machining UHMW polyethylene parts ,one is standard UHMW polyethylene parts ,and the other is irregular UHMW polyethylene parts .The process for standard parts is relatively simple ,because the shape is uniform ,the process need less work .But the process for irregular UHMW polyethylene parts is difficult ,the hardest part need more than 50 steps process ,so the working time is much long .

Standard UHMW polyethylene parts are easy for machining ,for example the UHMW bar need only cutting from UHMW sheet ,the UHMW rod need cutting from rectangular UHMW bar ,and the UHMW pipe need drilling with a central hole .Even for triangle or hexagon shape ,the machine for them is not difficult .

Irregular UHMW polyethylene parts mean some parts that have irregular shape ,and hard for machining .In normal case ,we cut the sheet workblank for close shape of final parts ,then we put the workblank in various machining equipment ,the drilling machine will drill every hole or make slotting ,the planer will cut the workblank to required shape ,the polisher will make fine trimming .But all of these process need much time to do ,at present we don’t need these different machining equipment to do every process ,the CNC router has replaced them and become the unique equipment for machining UHMW polyethylene parts .

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