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Introduction of impact resistant plastic

Among various impact resistant plastic ,there are many high performance products ,such as ABS ,macrolon ,teflon ,PPO and UHMW PE .PPO has the best tensile strength and the highest impact resistance ,but the manufacture is very hard ,so the production efficiency is low ,the price is high .In common used impact resistant plastics ,UHMW PE is the cheapest ,it has the similar performance than PPO ,but the production cost is only a half of it .

The test for impact resistance is called pendulum impact test or drop hammer test .According to tests data ,the impact resistance of UHMW PE is almost the same as teflon ,but the cost is only a quarter of it .For assurance of impact resistant capacity ,we adopt compression molding technique to product UHMW PE products ,the long cold compression process and the ultra high compression force makes it to have the best performance .Our UHMW PE products were widely used for many industry domain ,anywhere it needs the impact resistant plastic .

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