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How UHMW Bunker Lining Impact Test Is Performed

We all know that the wear-resistant bunker lining board is mainly used in major coal bunkers, and is mainly used to prevent blocking of the bunker. In order to ensure the product's performance in its application, it is necessary to have properties such as impact resistance and wear resistance. Then everyone knows how the impact test is conducted?

The analysis shows that the so-called impact performance test is to measure the impact strength of wear-resistant coal hopper liners under impact load. Impact strength is used to evaluate the ability of the sheet to resist impact or to determine the brittle and toughness of the material. Therefore, impact strength is also called impact toughness. The impact toughness of the coal bunker liner is an important performance indicator in the industry application. It reflects the ability of different materials to resist high-speed impact and damage.

As for the impact test of the wear-resistant bunker lining, we will analyze this for you today.

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