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How to maintain roller winding machines

Roller winding machines are mainly used for rubber roll winding equipment. It mainly deals with the COTS of tradition in production of quality shortcomings, such as: COTS delamination, degumming, blocks, bubble, high intensity, high production costs and low yield problems. Roller winding equipment in recent years has been widely used, using it not only to use them, and more importantly its maintenance. Roller winding machines in winter maintenance is important, mainly for parts lubrication smear be done in place, in case the work environment for a long time under the corrosive effects of chemical products such as rubber ink. Roller winding machines should be straight at the shaft good and contact surfaces do not touch each other or with other items, so as to avoid deformation of rollers. Also pay attention to mechanical cleaning of the device itself, ensure work, countertop and other parts in time to clean up, clean, and do a run, two clean and Miho with long life characteristics.

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