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Factors influencing quality of rubber roller glue

As technology develops, cots and cot is a qualitative leap. Rubber roller glue, a special material, can be used to improve the running status of systems, and with very high wear resistance and tensile strength, protection rubber roll is not easy to be worn, so as to ensure the efficiency of COTS and a lot of running. So what are the factors influencing quality of rubber roller glue? 1, rubber quality: cots are a special type of rubber, so the rubber quality is a big factor. 2, the use of rubber technology: current hot Vulcanized rubber coating and cold vulcanizing glue glue, hot vulcanization process but the market has been replaced by cold-curing process. 3, construction technology: degree of technical rubber workers of adhesive quality had a certain impact. 4, rubberized company engineer to analysis and treatment of different conditions.

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