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Dissolution process of hmw polyethylene

Today we will discuss the dissolution process of uhmw polyethylene for everyone. I believe that through our introduction, everyone can use it better. Here we focus on this knowledge to give you an overview, as follows:

In view of this knowledge, we learned that UHMWPE sheet is much more complex than low-molecular-weight because of its large molecular size and molecular weight dispersion. And whether or not the UHMWPE sheet is dissolved in a certain solvent, in addition to the important relationship with the chemical composition of the polymer itself, the size of the molecular weight, the arrangement of the molecules, the degree of crystallinity and isotacticity, the degree of cross-linking, etc. 

Sex can have an impact. Swelling occurs during the dissolution process. This is due to the large difference between the size of the solute macromolecule and the small molecule of the solvent. Solvent molecules can easily diffuse into the interior of the polyethylene plate and increase the distance between the molecular chains. In addition, we need to understand that the molecular diffusion of the molecular polyethylene plate into the solvent is much slower. This results in a solid that gradually expands in volume from the outside to the inside. This is a high degree of dispersion that has not occurred before. 

The density of the polyethylene plate, its interior is full of solvent, at this time it becomes a jelly-like object, this phenomenon is called swelling.

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