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Application of UHMW panels

UHMW panels are small sheets cut from standard UHMW sheets ,the application of UHMW panels is wide .

1.      UHMW panels can be used as crane outrigger pads .Because of the high mechanical strength and the excellent impact resistance ,the UHMW panel is suitable to put under the moble crane’s outrigger .It can prevent the moving or shaking of mobile crane when it works ,it’s a safety protection equipment .Now in market ,the majority of crane outrigger pads are made by UHMW panels .

2.      UHMW panels can be cut into specific shape to produce some customized UHMW parts ,for example ,UHMW bearing ,UHMW gears ,UHMW spacer ...We should use UHMW panels to process with CNC machining equipment to get final UHMW parts .We can say UHMW panels are semi-finished product to produce UHMW parts .

3.      White color UHMW panels are synthetic ice panels ,after some milling process ,the UHMW panel can be processed into synthetic ice panel .Because of its very low friction rate and the automatic lubrication ability ,UHMW panel is the most suitable material for synthetic ice rink .

4.      UHMW panels are liners material .As we known ,the liner is mainly UHMW panel .After drilling holes to fix ,the UHMW panel can be bent to wanted tortuosity ,the shape can well fit for the silo or hopper shape .

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