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Application of Tivar 1000 UHMW PE for man-made joint .

In medical field ,Tivar 1000 UHMW PE has extensive application .We take man-made joint as an example , Tivar 1000 UHMW PE is a suitable material for making it .From the invention of man-made joint, high molecular plastic has been always used as its material .As man-made joint ,the material must certain characters as below :

1.      Low water absorption rate: it’s necessary that this part won’t absorp water ,because once the joint absorp water it will expand for deformation ,the deformation will damage the joint and hurt human organ .

2.      Low friction factor: because the man-made joint has many friction with close joints ,so it must have a very low frction factor .If not ,the friction will ruffle the surface of joint thus damage it .

3.      Automatic lubrication ability: although the friction factor of man-made joint can be very low ,but it still has friction with other joints .It’s not like human joint which can be repaired automatically by human body ,it need self lubrication ability .

4.      High abrasion :this is the most important point .The lifetime of a man-made joint depends on its abradability ,higher abradability gives it longer lifetime .Tivar 1000 UHMW PE has much better abradability than PTFE which is called “king of plastic” .

Tivar 1000 UHMW PE has all of characters above ,now it’s the main material for making man-made joint in medical field .


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