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Abrasion comparison of extruded UHMWPE and hot-pressed UHMWPE

There were 3 production ways for making UHMWPE products ,extrusion and hot-pressing are common used ,injection is not often used ,it's only used for making some irregular parts which can't be cut by CNC machines .

Abrasion index is quite different between extrusion way and hot-pressing way .Only hot-pressing way can keep all  characters of UHMWPE especially the abrasion ,we can say only hot-pressed UHMWPE is the true one .Although extrusion way also used the same material of UHMWPE ,but it has been transformed so that the high molecule can be extruded by molds .The result is the abrasion has been transformed not as well as original material .So ,if we need UHMWPE abrasion ability ,we can only use hot-pressed way to produce .


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