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Fluted backhoe outrigger pads

Hot deformation Tem.: 90℃;
Working Tem.: 90℃;
Fusion point: 138℃
Brittleness Tem.: ≤-195℃
Lowest Using Tem.: -200℃;

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Backhoe is a frequently used machine ,it’s a multiple service product .As a loader ,it has certain loading ability ,but not as much as a big loader .Because it has small size ,so it can work where is too narrow to pass a big laoder .As an excavator ,its shovel is less than a standard excavator ,we needn’t use it to do many earthwork ,but it’s suitable to excavate ditch .When working as an excavator ,the original four wheels body can’t support the machine ,it need a very stable foundation to keep its body and prevent shaking .The backhoe’s shovel will fall down to ground then lift the front half of backhoe’s body ,two outriggers of backhoe will reach out than lift the back half of body .To stabilize the whole machine ,we’d better use outrigger pads to put under every outrigger ,it likes crane bearing pads ,the weight of machine will be transfered into every crane bearing pad ,they will disperse the total weight of machine .Our factory has exploited such special use pads ,the name is backhoe outrigger pads .


The fluted backhoe outrigger pad is not nylon pad ,it’s another type of fluted plastic outrigger pads .The pads were made by ultra high molecular weight polyethylene ,it’s a new type polymer material .If comparison with nylon pad ,its wear resistance is much better ,the impact resistance is also much higher than the last one ,the lifetime is two or three times longer than nylon pad ,one more point is the weight ,it’s ligher than nylon pad ,so we can carry it with ease .

Except of fluted backhoe outrigger pads ,we have many other outrigger pads for sale .According to difference of cranes in different countries ,we exploited exclusive models for some important countries ,for example :outrigger pads USA ;outrigger pads UK ;outrigger pads JP ...


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