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RV jack pads

Chemical Resistance: Din8075;
Working Temperature: -250℃ to +90℃;
Tensile Strength Yield: 25Mpa;
Max. Tensile Strength: 40Mpa;
Impact Strength: 198KJ/m2;

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Product Details

Jack pad is frequently used equipment for various jacks ,it can be also called as jacking pads .On soft ground ,muddy place or paved surface ,when we have to use a jack to repair our vehicle ,it’s dangerous to use jack without a jacking pad .The use of jacking pad is to increase the stress area ,disperse the stress for peripheral area ,so it can prevent jack from sinking on such soft ground .It’s no need to discuss the importance of jack pad ,because it’s an indispensable part for the safety cause .


RV jack pad is a new model of our jack pads series products ,it can be not only used for recreational vehicle ,but also used for other vehicles .Recreational vehicle often stop on lakeside ,river bank or grass lawn ,such place have beautiful view ,but the ground is not solid enough ,it’s often wet and soft ,easy to sink if we won’t put RV stabiliser pads under jack .In old days ,people use wood pads but nowadays we won’t use it any more ,composite plastic jack pads began to replace it .Comparing with traditional wood pads , composite jack pads has many advantage ,one important is that will never be broken ,so this high strength plastic jack pad was also be known as “unbreakable jack pad” .It’s made by a high technic composite plastic ,the name is ultra high molecular weight polyethylene briefly as UHMW PE,this material has many amazing properties ,unbreakable abilily is just a simple point ,such excellent properties bring it the best using experience.


Except of jack pad ,UHMW pad has many applications .Taking an example of well known Nylacast crane mats ,it’s made by pure UHMW pad ,it has all distinguished properties of UHMW pad .Even we test a used crane mats for many years ,we can’t find any crack fissure ,also any deformation of it .

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