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Composite crane mats with handle

Raw Material: 100% UHMW Polyethylene;
Thickness: 10mm-300mm;
Unit Weight: 10-50kg;
Raised Stripe Height: 7mm;
Color: Black Or As Clients Demand.

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Composite crane outrigger mats have passed three phases ,in first phase it’s made by normal PP or PE ,the bearing load is limited ,then in second phase it’s made by nylon ,although the mechanical strength has been drastically improved ,but the comprehensive performance hasn’t got user’s satisfaction ,now we have exploited the thrid phases’s composite crane mats ,it’s made by the most wear resistant material ,also called as poly crane mats .Comparison with nylon mats ,it almost doesn’t absorb water ,the water absorption approach zero .But the nylon mat has certain water absorption rate ,after using in wet ground ,it will absorb water then get deformation ,worse to stabilize the crane .Our new poly crane mats have solved all these problem ,it’s made by UHMW PE ,the water absorption rate is only 1% then nylon mats ,even immersion in water for 24 hours ,it won’t have any deformation .The friction factor of UHMW mats is much lower than it ,besides UHMW mats have automatic lubrication ability ,it needn’t any maintenance but the price is almost the same .

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As one of earliest crane outrigger mats manufacturer ,Tangyin Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd has many types outrigger mats with handle .We can find many similar products in market ,maybe they have good looking shape ,but the property is not as good as ours .Majority of them are made with extruding technology ,the mat’s surface will be smooth like mirror ,but the property is worse .The use of outrigger mats is to increase the bearing area and prevent the sliding of wheels ,thus the working safety has beem improved ,the accident probability was reduced .It’s risky to choose some lower price product ,if the user only compare the outrigger mats price ,possible to get the one which can’t bear heavy load and serious accident will take place .Maybe we can’t offer the lowest crane mats price ,but it’s assured our crane mats have the best cost performance .


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