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Square crane stabiliser pads

Length: 100mm-1000mm;
Width: 100mm-1000mm;
Density: 0.95g/cm3;
Abrasion coefficient: 4.4Mm;
Water absorption (23℃-sat): <0.01%;

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Square crane stabiliser pads is also briefly called as square crane pad ,the use is to stabilize the crane ,so it’s also known as crane stabiliser pad or stabiliser pad .It’s made by a complicated poly plastic ,it has very high strength and hardness ,so it can reduce the deformation rate when bearing very heavy load ,and gives a strong support power to stabilize the crane or other engineering vehicles .So it can observably save the using cost and improve the working efficiency .


Normal mobile crane uses four outriggers for support ,we can find also some using two square outriggers support .All four outriggers must be installed on the same flat surface ,when the crane holds a load ,the weight of load will be averagely shared by all four or two outriggers of crane .We can calculate unit load weight according to total load weight ,so we must choose the right model according to its maximal load weight .Our mobile crane outrigger pads have many different models ,here is the data list for each model :

outrigger crane specification.png

Tangying Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd is one of earliest crane outrigger pads manufacturers in China ,many years research and production experience gives our products excellent quality and many user’s praise .With the unceasingly users requirement change ,we make continuous technical promotion ,many new technical craft were applied ,various crane outrigger pads for sale .By users feed back ,it has the same quality and lifetime as Bigfoot outrigger pads products .We are real manufacturer in China ,here we often hold promotion activities of crane outrigger pads for sale , welcome to visit and coorperation !

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