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Colored boom truck pads

Abraision: 1.3mg;
Compressive strength: 45Mpa;
Elongation at break: ≥300%;
Breaking strength: 290Mpa;
Ball Indentation Strength: 39N/mm2;

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Mobile crane outrigger pads are more and more used for other vehicles except of cranes ,colored boom truck is a typical example ,outrigger pads for boom truck is also called as boom truck pads or truck pads .We can regard the boom truck as a small mobile crane ,because a jib crane was installed on the chassis of truck ,when the jib crane works ,the boom truck must stop at first ,than reach out all its outriggers to fix the foundation of crane ,because during the working of crane ,any movement of foundation will be dangerous .Boom truck only has wheels like other trucks ,as all people know ,the wheel can’t fix the truck very well and prevent any movement ,it’s impossible to do only with truck’s wheels .Outrigger of crane like the leg of crane ,the use of crane’s leg is to fix the crane .Like putting on shoes for a man ,we also need putting “shoes” for crane ,these shoes are crane leg pads ,the scientific name is outrigger pads .


The colored boom truck pad is made up of two parts ,one is the pad and the other is the rope handle .The pad is made by high polymer plastic ,the rope handle is made by nylon ,two ends of nylon rope were implanted into the pad ,very strong and won’t be ruptured ,the use of rope handle is for convenience to carry .

It can be used as a crane replacement pad ,in normal case ,a boom truck should prepare several crane replacement outrigger pads ,even some will be lost ,the user will have others for replacement these outrigger pads .


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