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Yellow color excavator mats

Linear hot expansion coefficient: 2 E-4/℃;
Hot Expansion Linear Index: 2K(-1)×10(4);
Volumetric electric resistance: 10(17)Ω?cm
Surface resistivity: 4.9×10(14)Ω
Electric breakdown voltage: ≥35kv/mm

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In general ,a standard excavator use crawler system to move ,but there are some small excavator only use wheels to move .For such small excavator ,it need standing on ground with the help of outriggers .The outrigger likes foot of crane ,we’d better use it with outrigger mats .Outrigger mats were also called as crane outrigger mats ,they are plastic crane mats ,composite polymer plastic .The yellow color outrigger mat has good strength ,it can bear total excavator’s weight and its load ,the composite polymer material will transfer the pressure to each molecule ,it has ultra long molecular chain ,such long molecular chain will hold these molecules back ,after disappearance of pressure ,each molecule return back to original position ,so we can’t find deformation of it .Especially for some place that we can’t make sure the hardness of ground ,for safety cause ,we’d better use outrigger mats to prevent accidents .


Our yellow color excavator mats were made with advanced technology ,the main ingredient is UHMW PE .It's a material made with ultra high mechanical force ,the compressure value attains to more than ten thousands tons ,the hardness and the strength are far higher than other material .Because it’s plastic ,very light to carry and use ,the lifetime is much longer than metal mats .

Except of various excavator mats for sale ,we can also make cusomized crane mats for sale .For example ,the logo of user’s company can be printed on the surface of product ,special skidproof stripe or some patterns by user’s requirement can be made with orders .

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