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Round outrigger pads for mobile crane

Raw Material: 100% UHMW Polyethylene;
Thickness: 10mm-300mm;
Unit Weight: 10-50kg;
Raised Stripe Height: 7mm;
Color: Black Or As Clients Demand;

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Round outrigger pads for mobile crane are known as unbreakable outrigger pads. It has top ranking quality and high performance .In fact ,if the material is a composite plastic whose name is UHMW PE, it must be unbreakable .Because this composite outrigger pads have the same character of UHMW PE pads .This is a special plastic ,it has ultra long molecular chain ,normal polyethylene already has very long molecular chain ,when it bear strong force ,the molecular chain will be stretched out but not be broken ,that’s why we have never seen a polyethylene product broken ,it can only be stretched until deformation .UHMW PE can be treated as reinforced polyethylene ,the molecular chain is much longer ,so it’s harder to be broken than normal polyethylene. Dica outrigger pad also choose this material for making his plastic outrigger pads .


Mobile crane is a hoisting machine which is installed on truck’s chassis or special vehiclej’s chassis ,the driving cab and the crane operation cab are separated each other .Its advantage is the good maneuverability ,we can move it with ease .But it has a great disadvantage ,before using ,we must install all its outriggers ,and when it works ,it can’t move ,it also can’t work at floppy or muddy ground .Along with technical promotion ,this question has been resolved .We can use round outrigger crane pads ,this is a safe protective equipment ,it can stabilise all four outriggers for mobile crane ,protect outriggers from moving and keep its safety .Tangying Dingyuan Engineering Plastics Co.,Ltd works hand in glove with mobile crane manufacturers ,after many research and tests ,it exploit a serie of round outrigger pads for mobile cranes .Our outrigger pads for mobile cranes are standard auxiliary equipment for many crane manufacturers .


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