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Handle inside bucket truck pad

Deformation When Max Tensile: ≥350%;
Hardness: 62 Shore D;
Bending Strength: 27Mpa;
Elasticity Modulus: 680Mpa;
Softening Tem.: 80℃;

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Bucket truck carries a movable lifting arm crane ,it’s a special use engineering truck ,like a mobile crane .It has long and movable lifting arm ,the operation is flexible ,the platform can take one or two workers to the high place where they need to work .The lifting arm has a great length ,it can reach more than 10m ,so it must get a very stable foundation to support such long lifting arm and guarantee the safety of workers .It can’t work without bucket truck pads ,the use of this handle inside pad is like crane foot support pad .When working of bucket truck ,it will reach out all outriggers and stand in the ground .Not all working ground are enough solid ,many of them are paved by stone or sand ,or muddy ,so dangerous to stand in such soft ground ,we are afraid of sinking .


To avoid such problem ,we can use outrigger pads for bucket truck .The shore hardness of our crane truck pad can reach 120A ,the compressive strength is more than 20MPA ,and the bending strength is more than 54MPA .Except of ultra high hardness ,the outrigger pad for bucket truck has excellent wear resistance .In normal case ,a crane truck pad can be used all through the lifetime of the bucket truck .

outrigger crane specification_proc.jpg

The outrigger pad for bucket truck is also called as outrigger plate ,according to the difference of surface ,it can be divided into two sorts ,one is with groove ,the other without groove .This truck pad is made by high strength engineering plastic ,it has certain characters even metal pad can’t compare with .The outrigger plate very suitable to use in hostile environment ,no matter the weather is cold or hot ,dry or wet ,the pad can well protect your bucket truck from moving or sinking ,even the bucket truck is holding an overload ,the pad would rather be deformed than be broken .


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